Well, the damn horses are causing all kinds of problems for us.  Dandy, the mare, yes, I said a horse named Dandy is a mare, (grown female horse for all of you unfamiliar with horse jargon), has a bad cut on the back of her ankle again.  She and the little whipper-snapper, Alcape, (Also another female, although a colt…also known as a filly), are both, according to the test results, wormy.  Not the end of the world, but the stupid vet should have called us weeks ago and told us and they didn’t call so I thought the test results were negative.  I mean that’s what the people doctors do.  Anyway I asked them to mail the negative test results to the barn where the horses are kept and apparently they never did.  I guess it’s a good thing since the results were positive for worms.  So now we are having the vet go out to look at Dandy’s leg and worm both of them tomorrow afternoon.  Like we’ve got the money for that!  Younger daughter does, for sure, not make enough money to support her horse habit.  She is putting everything she comes home with toward feed, board, and vet bills.  She is now agreeable to the idea of selling them.

We are aaaaallllll over this.

So when I signal for H to stop talking to me because I am on the phone and she keeps talking to me by asking, “Who are you talking to?”  And I reply, “I’m talking to a man about a horse.”.  It’s not a euphemism.

Now I gotta go and see who is winning this other horse race that’s on every single non-cable channel on TV.