Earlier today Mither called me and in the course of our conversation she confessed to me that she has begun to see a trend in these last few posts and in an effort at stopping the flow of blood from my brain, out through my ears providing me with something suitable to post about she had attempted to hem her pants while wearing them.  She said it didn’t work out well and so she aborted the effort and took them off to do it.

1. I think she’s probably lying fibbing.

2. I think she’s a pansy-assed coward for not doing it.

3. I don’t even think it’s very impressive to make up such wild stories so closely related to my heroic button sewing on while wearing the pants.

4. I sure do love her for making a game effort at giving me something to post about.  (Maybe next time she could actually DO it and then get pictures of the finished product.)

This morning Henrietta told me the music is back.  Actually I asked her when it started and she says she almost always hears it, sometimes just “more” than others.  This would be the mysterious music she hears mostly in her deaf ear that nobody else can hear.  Sometimes “they” are singing in Spanish, sometimes Italian, and sometimes in English.  Often she is offended by the naughtiness of the songs and how “nasty” they are.  It’s always a male singer, (to the best of my knowledge), and late at night and early in the morning seems to be the most frequent times for this phenomenon.  She told me today they were singing in English and then she smiled and said, “Well, I’m just waiting… pretty soon I should be getting Christmas Carols!”

And then she laughed and high fived me!