John was off work yesterday and today.  We went running around frantically while we had the chance, (Keelan was here with H and then she went to work and Kes was here for a bit after she got home from school.). The caregiver provider person had a death in the family and never showed up.

That’s fine, that’s exactly why I had children… come to find out.

I wanted to head to the outlet mall to the place I refer to as the bra store.  I was sooooo sorely in need of new bras!  I only had two and they were about 5 or 6 years old.  That’s 10 or 12 years, combined.  Whatev.

Anyway, we went there and John plopped his happy ass in the chair in the front of the store for disgruntled husbands and proceeded to be… gruntled?  He napped.  I headed to the back and spied the CLEARANCE rack.

I will make a long story short, (I know!  Too late!), here and just say this:

I got 5 new name brand bras and 9 pairs of socks and spent $29.00.  And the truly exciting news?  The bras FIT and don’t have a single hole in them.  (I am so not used to this.) John was proud.

We then left and proceeded to Kohl’s to check out the men’s belts and found there were no good deals to be had.  So we left.  Went to JC Penney and, knowing we had a $10.00 off coupon we looked at the type of trousers that John likes.  They’re normally $50.00 but the next morning, (this morning), they were going to be on sale for $20.00.  We found some in his size and he showed up there this morning and used his $10.00 off coupon and snagged the $50.00 pants for $10.00.

He’s a happy boy!  No kidding, he just kind of smiles all over when he saves a lot of money.  He is The Tightwad Extraordinaire.

But really, with  the economy sucking eggs the way it is, really, it just feels like we’re managing to keep up, rather than pulling ahead of the game when things like this happen.  Still.  It’s a good feeling.