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Yesterday when we stopped by the barn to feed the horses I was standing holding the hose while filling the horse trough with water.  It was pretty cloudy and looking like rain.  Oh, good.  We really need it.  Then all of the sudden the wind kicked up so strong that I actually looked up in the sky for funnel clouds and about that time, a dead limb blew down out of the tree I was standing under and smacked me in the side of the head!  It really hurt!  John was sitting in the car on the phone not paying any attention and the horses were in the barn eating, so no one even noticed God beaning me in the head.  I asked Him at the time if there was any significance to that, any kind of message I should take from it.  Haven’t gotten any response yet so apparently not.

However, I got back in the car mentally thanking God for the rain we were about to get that is so badly needed and had no idea that Edouard was lurking out there, just waiting to spring into…  Oh who am I kidding?  It’s wimpy and it’s headed this way.  BUT, it’s bringing rain with it!  I live just inland from Galveston so we should get a butt load!  Hopefully not much damage…

So yesterday morning I am, quite literally, slapped in the side of the head with a tree limb and then, tomorrow morning a hurricane should be arriving.  Like the superstitious yo-yo that thinks if he wears the wrong color socks his sports team will lose, it’s ALL about me and I am wondering if I did or said something to bring this on…. Still.  We really need the rain.