Ever since Henrietta has been back from the hospital after the fall she had over 3 1/2 years ago, she has, from time to time…entertained night visitors.  No.  She is not running a brothel. (I would be getting a cut of the proceeds.)  She sees people very vividly at night.  Occasionally, they answer her when she speaks to them, usually yes or no answers to her questions.  There are usually groups of people gathered and most often children are there, too.  The children are playing with one another sometimes and the women are usually older.  The men are sometimes short and sometimes very, very tall.  She can never see the face of the really tall man, as he is over in the corner and it is too dark to see him.  She tells me about these vivid…sights and what all she says to them and if she gets any answers, (she sleeps without her hearing aid, so she can’t hear the answers unless she puts it in).  She can describe in minute detail what they are wearing and the expressions on their faces.  It always ends when she gets annoyed that they won’t leave and she turns on the lamp on her nightstand.  Poof.  No one there.

At this point I’d like to point out that our house is about 20 years old and no one has ever died here, with the exception of the FIL, Marcos a couple of years ago.  He could hardly bring all those other people here as he was fairly unsociable and I find it hard to believe he has changed that much since he died.  Plus, I am assuming H would recognize her husband among the crowd in there.

What do you think?  Keep in mind she is completely sane and has absolutely no cognitive problems at all, with the possible exception of believing herself to be the center of the universe.

I really am interested in what anyone might have to say about this.