How do you explain my readership going up on the days that I have nothing to say and the post sucks.  Yesterday, for instance.  I had a good deal more people on here and a lot of new people, (that I am sure were wondering why they bothered), and I have no idea what brought this on.  Except it was to make me feel guilty for hashing out writing such a shitty post.  That’s “shitty”….not “witty”.- Like I had to explain…

Is it just me or is Grey’s Anatomy getting more and more whiny and obnoxious.  I know it’s off season and there are no new ones on right now, but I gotta tell ya’, I stopped watching consistently about half way through last season just due to over all whining.  That Meridith chick, in particular.  She’s a whiny little squirt and she walks like a man.  Unattractive, overall.

Henrietta is in her room just chatting up a storm.  I am going to go see who she thinks she is talking to.

I’m back and it was the movie she was watching.  Fool’s Gold.  She is….an active participant in anything she is watching, whether it is the news or a movie.  She talks to the tv about everything she is seeing as if she is explaining to someone who can’t see or hear what is going on.  And she asks questions, of the tv, as if she expects an answer from it.  This is why it is so hard to watch a good movie with her in the room.

I am sweating my ass off down here and I just went upstairs and those girls have their thermostat set on 71 and it is freezing up there.  I don’t know why cause 71 down here is enough to bake you.  They are digital thermostats, is it possible they are that inaccurate?

Anyway, I turned it up to 74. Heh heh heh.

John is off work today and he decided last night that he was going to cook breakfast today and we were having  bacon, eggs, and gravy.  I don’t ususally do “breakfast”, I do “coffee”.  About noon I break into a bowl of Honeynut Cheerios.  I am intrigued as to what this is going to bring.  Hopefully not retching.  No, he really is a good cook, so I’ve got no worries.