The wee child that is in no small amount of trouble with me is at work this morning and her friend showed up to pick up an item for her.

Anna: Hi!  Keelan asked me if I would swing her iPod by for her.  She is standing in front of me waiting… Is it pluged in there,…behind you?

Me: Well, yes it is Anna, but are we supposed to even touch it, cause it seems to me that I have been told that I should not even think about touching it… Maybe I shouldn’t pick on unsuspecting friends when I am steamed at deliquent child, but I can’t help myself.

Anna: Oh, yes!  She asked me to come and get it!

Now at this point I wasn’t really planning and scheming.  Involuntary responses took over my body and I am fairly convinced I wasn’t even driving.  I reached down and picked up the iPod and unplugged it and as it came around in front of me I put it close to my face and licked the back of it.  (Not the screen.)  I then laid it down on the desk in front of me and looked Anna carefully in the eye, (Anna’s eye’s were fairly big at this point.), and said, “Anna, you be sure and tell Keelan that I did that, OK?”  She did not speak, just nodded her head with eye’s as big as saucers.

I have not heard from child and don’t think I will.  I have barely exchanged any words with her in the past few days.  But, I don’t think there is any way she will dare bring this up to me.

Oh. and If I get sick any time soon… I will know for sure where computer viruses come from.