Can you tell John is on vacation?  I am being very bad about posting and I really am sorry.  A sorry poster, that is!

First off and the biggest news is that I am the proud aunt of an adorable, new nephew.  My brother, Cam and SIL, Melissa, are the proud parents of 8 year old Noah!  This is the reason my brother is in the States right now, and not at home in Italy.  He’s doing the finalization of Noah’s adoption with the court in Wise County, Texas where it all began.

Noah is a sweetheart who loves Spiderman, swimming, going to the beach, (They live a block or two from the Mediterranean!), riding his Green Machine, snowboarding and being a sweetheart, most of the time.  He’s a doll!  Check it out.

Here he is on his Green Machine, riding in a park at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.  (Note: two wheeling it on a three wheeler!)

Here he is with my brother, Cam and Melissa, the lovely wife.

Here, Melissa is outfitting him to snowboard.

In action!  I believe this was his first time on a snowboard.

Last Christmas at my parents house looking at a new game.

I said his name, he turned around and I snapped the shot before he knew I even had a camera. (The date on the camera is wrong.  It was last Christmas.

Coloring on his dad’s cast.

A friend of theirs in Italy got married…

Got married at a CASTLE!  But did I get cool pics of the castle?  NO!  grumble, mumblestupidbrothermumble….

At some banquet or another with the lovely mother/my SIL, Melissa!

Snowboarding in the Alps.  I can’t remember which ones.

Isn’t he adorable!  Anyone need a dimple?  He’s got plenty to spare!  I couldn’t be more tickled and even though I already welcomed him to the family when they got him, I am so happy it’s official, now.  Noah Camdon Wilde.  I think it sounds great!