Well, after several phone calls during the night with questions of some urgency about where to turn or what exit, I got the final one at 4:15 AM saying, “We’re here!”  I have talked to them several times since and Mither, also.  They are SO EXCITED.  Just a few moments ago I got a call from them saying they are all going to Greenwood to eat lunch at the little Greenwood General Store/Gas Station/Eatin’ Spot.  I have been there to eat with my parents before and it is an extremely quaint little, old store/restaurant that makes the best homemade hamburgers I have ever tasted.  Also, the best fried catfish.  It was interesting reading up on the little town in the info in the link.  I believe it said the last census count  was 76 back in 2003.  However, since the town was settled back in the 1870’s it has had as many as 300 residents.  Just a thriving metropolis. Hee, hee…

It has poured buckets and buckets of rain all day and everything is good and soaked and I feel that there is very little chance that anything could catch on fire from fireworks tonight.  So I guess this is good.  John is at work, so we will just “celebrate” separately, for now.  Tomorrow he’s off and SIL will stay here for a bit with H and we will brave the hordes and go…somewhere.

I will leave you with some images from Nana and Pop’s house… because I feel like everybody should be able to go to such a neat, wonderful place and I wish I could take you all.

Here is Ricochet.  He has wandered up onto the back porch again.  Silly thing likes to look in the windows.  He really should have been named “Tom”, as in “Peeping”.

View of the pond from the back porch during a really good blanket of snow this past winter.

Just a few hours old colt, during the same snow.