Last night I was lying in bed watching Craig Ferguson and Holly Hunter was his guest.  I have always liked her a good deal, but I really love her voice.  Very southern sounding, but aside from her accent even, her voice is really neat.  I digress.  I do that a lot.

I wasn’t paying full attention, I was reading a book also, but somehow she started talking about a duffel bag she found along with her boyfriend on a street with a bunch of car window glass all over it and inside were a bunch of things that belonged to some guy that was taking flying lessons and had his flight logs and books and technical stuff that was probably very valuable to him.  His name was all over the things.  He wouldn’t be very hard to find.  She and her beau started walking up and down the street looking at the car windows until they found the car that had been broken in to, and by doing so they were able to locate the man who owned it inside the resturant and give him his stuff back.  At least what was left of it.

This reminded me of a time just after John and I got married and were living in an apartment in a near by town.  We were walking through the grass going home and either he or I, (I can’t remember who), looked down and found a gold mens wedding ring.  It was very old and had an inscription on the inside.  I can’t remember what it said other than a date that was a looooong time ago and three initials with the last one being a “Z”.  So Immediately I begin trying to figure out how we are going to find this little old man to give him his ring back, or worse, little old widow who refused to remarry and wore it on a chain around her neck for the past 20 years as a token of her undying love and devotion.  Yep, we had to find the owner.

Did I ever mention that John was a UPS driver for close to 15 years?  He was and he delivered to that area where I was living.  As a matter of fact that’s how we met, but that’s another story.

Needless to say he knew who the guy was when he stopped and thought about it, as he had delivered a package to him once.  (He also has a brain like a damn computer and never forgets anything.)  So he told me which apartment and I trotted over there and knocked on the door.  This older than dirt guy opened the door and I said “Mr. Z______?”  And he said “Yeah?”  I said, “I think I found your wedding ring!”  And I swear, this is true, he held out his hand and took the ring and closed the door.  Dirty bastard didn’t even have the courtesy to smile or look the least bit happy that his reminder of being married 50+ years was returned to him.  I was fairly devestated that my good deed was so….not that wonderful for the receipent.

Can’t help but wonder if the little Mrs. was a real bitch and he threw that ring down on the way to the car.