My dear Mither brought me the best little gizmo ever! I will share this valuable information with you, dear reader and you are going to thank me! Oh, heck, maybe even bow down and worship me? Well, whatev.

She brought me a Pedegg. And let me tell you it is wonderful, and even gentler than that sweet little Asian lady at the nail salon. Now, I’m not trying to take her job away from her, but she is all of the sudden much less necessary than she used to be. While this little thing can’t paint pretty bright colors on my nails, or dip my tootsies in apricot scented paraffin, it leaves my feet feeling smooth and soft in just a few passes. Actually in a fraction of the time it takes the sweet little Asian lady. It truly is remarkable. When you rub it on your foot it doesn’t feel like it could be doing much of anything and then you open it and there are, literally, a tablespoon or so of dead skin in the bottom of the egg. At this point you will say, “EEWWWW! GROSS!”, and promptly empty it before continuing on to the other foot. Then to smooth even further, there is a little fine grit sanding thing that you rub on your tootsie for a second and you are done. I couldn’t believe it was so fast and simple. They also sell them at various drug stores around. I know for sure they are at CVS and I am betting Walgreens, too.

It is imparative that you go and purchase one immediately for your own tootsies.

On the darker side of things, John had to go back to work today. *sigh* I knew it was going to happen eventually, yet, it always surprises me how fast the week flies by. He has two more vacations coming up sometime this year, but we never know when until a week or so before it happens. His boss has control issues and that’s really all I can say as I have gone and used our real names and all. I have wished several times so far that I hadn’t done that, but, too late now. Any suggestions? Anyway, next time he has a vacation I, so help me, God, will not be sick. I MEAN IT.

It seems so quiet in the house now after company has gone and John has gone and it’s just H and me. However, she is not content to let it be just quiet for long. She is so funny while watching TV. She knows there is no one in the room with her and she chats to the TV through the entire show she is watching. She is not the least bit senile, but the more she enjoys something she is watching the more she talks “to it”. Watching TV with her in the room sucks. You might as well have the volume muted as she can’t begin to make out anything that is being said. Yet she comments on everything going on, so nobody else can concentrate on what is happening. It wouldn’t be SO bad if she was at least correct on her blow by blow description of everything that is happening. Since she can’t understand the dialog she just makes up the story as it goes along and is always far off base. If it wasn’t for the fact that she can make out the sound of a laugh track just about everything we watch would be a murder mystery for her. It is ALL dark and sinister. And everyone that was murdered would have been raped first. She totally equates rape with sexuality and every time a man leers at a pretty woman on the boob tube she says something to the effect of, “Ooooh! He’s going to rape her!” It gets old. I mean think about it, there’s a lot of leering going on on TV. We have DVR, (TIVO), so I will start out a movie by pausing it and asking her what she just said every time she says something and then after a bit she begins to see that the show is going to stop and sit still every time she blurts out what we are all sitting there seeing for ourselves.

Still I have to admit it is funny to sit in another room and listen to her watch TV. Listening to her laugh and comment is really funny. But that’s the only way it should be done!