I gots nuttin ta say, people. Well, Ok, how ’bout this:

I called the Provider Care place and told the supervisor person there that Crystal wasn’t working out and why. She was very understanding and nice and said, she’d get someone else out here. Woo-hoo!

H is in her room doing a Stations of the Cross thing, (it’s a catholic ritual and I really, no REALLY, don’t know anything about it), and she will emerge as soon as she is done with that.

You’d think living in Louisiana for all the time I did and going to mass with all my friends for all that time and then marrying a card carrying catholic and living with a practicing one for the last 3 1/2 years, I’d know more about it. No. All a mystery to me. From an outsiders perspective looking in it seems to be an extremely ritualistic religion. Lots of symbolism. Very beautiful, though. Still, some of the basic parts of it still amaze me and I just can’t get my head around it. I guess that’s all I better say about it. I don’t want to offend anyone.

Is this how far I’ve sunk? I’ve run out of things to say and now you are faced with a few short paragraphs about religion that I’m afraid to even take a side about? I would say something pithy like, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”, but really…”Mighty”? I think not.

My two daughters are going to be leaving to go to visit my mom and dad for the 4th of July weekend and so the house will be empty except for H. I know John would be so happy if we could find some place to stash her and we could run around the house naked all weekend. I remember doing that with him sooooo many years ago. Doing housework naked, watching tv naked, cooking naked, eating naked. And yes, even bathing naked. We were so free and laid back. Aaaaah, those were the days.

I am convinced that if I don’t stop now, I could conceivably hurt myself. Anytime I end up talking about naked housework I should have already ended the post…