I totally didn’t intend to post anything today.  Just not even bother.  I am bored and mildly cranky, and this is what I’m down to.  Boring you with… what?  Oh.  I forgot.  I have to actually have something to SAY.  Whatev.

Was over at Moo’s Moo earlier and she has an interesting idea that I am very enthused about her pursuing.  She is toying with throwing up a mommy forum of some sort for moms to discuss speech problems of their developing toddlers.  Looking around there are lots of people hitting her site and linking to other sites that are popular with moms with this problem.  They’re not all originating at her site, but when you link to the ones she mentions it is evident that there are a lot of moms out there that are very concerned and want to hear from other mothers with similar issues.

The general consensus of the commenters was very positive and supportive, but, she is concerned with how to do it.  She says she isn’t computer savy enough.  I hope she finds the help she needs.  Anybody?