I feel so bad right now that death is preferable. Well, I guess not really, but, you get the idea. I woke up this morning not feeling particularly good, but not completely wrecked either. By the time I was writing that last post I was thinking the world was coming to an end. I managed to spew out words and get a point or two across, but that’s about it. Now I just await death. My head is killing me and I can’t hear. My whole body is rejecting any notions of making large moves. John and I put up a ceiling fan and a track light. Under protest. From me, anyway. No, not really. He is being very sweet.

I can’t believe this is happening. John is on vacation, Mither and Aunty-poo are coming tomorrow, Wednesday we are having a celebratory dinner with a bunch of our friends for Kes’s graduation and then she is graduating on Thursday. And I’m sick.

Life is so sucking right now.