Poor H.  She woke up early this morning due to her foley cathater failing during the night.  She was swamped in urine.  Wet gown, soaked diaper, wet chux, wet sheets.  It was all very bad.  She kept apologizing to me the whole time I was cleaning her up.  It is very hard to listen to someone apologize through chattering teeth for something they had absolutely no control over.  Anyway, the nurse showed up and we finally got her re-catherized.  Which is a HUGE pain in the arse hoo-hoo.  She has fistulas.  I swear, she is like swiss cheese up inside there.  I have helped with every catheter change and there are many prayers recited at each one, by H, the nurses, and me.  There are only a select few nurses that are considered experienced enough to get it done right and those are now the only ones that are ever sent out.  It takes over an hour to find the “sweet spot” and get urine back.  She is a nervous wreck all this time cause even small things stress her out and this is major thing on her scale.   So when they are done she is wiped out.  But, in the end, we got pee back in the tube and there was much rejoicing.

Man.  How sad is that commentary on my life?  HAHAHA.

I will post again later today.