Henrietta is off and running today. It was just about exactly the time I serve her breakfast in bed everyday. I wasn’t in there yet, but was getting to it fast. I heard the bell ring. Strange, maybe she had to sit on the bedpan? She was pretty constipated yesterday as her poo routine got screwed up when my sister-in-law came and stayed with her in the morning the other day and forgot to put the Miralax in her oatmeal. It only takes not paying attention to details one time and she is all screwed up and unable to poo for days.

Anyway, I was just assuming that was the problem when she rang cause I have been dragging her on and off the bedpan with multiple false alarms everyday since that one fateful breakfast. I went in and she said “Oh! I thought no one was here.” I am not shitting you. She has never in the 3 1/2 years she has been here woke up and had no one here. Or had no one here, period. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I said no that of course we were here and did she need to use the potty? Oh no, but “I’m hungry, Krissa!” As if I wasn’t expecting her to be and had forgotten breakfast completely. I told her that I was making breakfast, just like always, and it would be in when it was done. She still looked a little disapproving, but nodded her head sharply and said OK.

At this point I was wondering what was going on and was pretty clueless, but when I took in the first course she asked if I had heard from my mother and I said yes, I had talked to her this morning. She asked if they were on their way here. And I told her no, it was tomorrow that she and my aunt were coming down for a visit. And it all fell into place. She doesn’t get the same amount of attention when my mom is here and somewhere, deep down inside resents it. She was all prepared to be put out and bent out of shape this morning when she started ringing for breakfast. Shucks. It’s business as usual.

Tomorrow will be another thing, entirely.