I have this blouse I got for my birthday from Mither when we went shopping that I started out really liking and now I think I am beginning to see what my family is seeing.  They all, every one of them, has expressed a severe distaste for this shirt.  Even John, who usually thinks if it’s on me it has to be lovely doesn’t like it.  I went terribly wrong somewhere.  Well, I know where.  In Kohl’s.

Does anyone out there have clothes like that?  You know… you buy the thing and maybe wear it a couple of times and finally decide that you must have had some sort of stroke to have picked it out?

Mither, I’m sorry.  But really.  How could you have let me?

It’s OK, I love you and I forgive you.

The Offending Object-Please click to enlarge on it’s… offensiveness.

I don’t know if you can tell or not, but the sleeves and neckline have a strip of satin sewn around them and the sleeves tie in these things that are not bows, yet are big like bows.  And since they are satin ties they slip, no matter how tight they are tied.  So even though they start out pulled up and puffy, (yes, I really said PUFFY), they slip down and are hanging about my elbows the majority of the time that I am not in the actual act of yanking them back up and cussing adjusting them.