Well, Crystal, the caregiver provider person, called this morning at 11:00 and talked to John. He made arrangements for her to come over at noon. So at12:45 when she hadn’t arrived yet, he called her and she told him that she was in her car and was “trying” to get there from another street and she was having a hard time. Well, she knows how to get here as she has already been here and the street that the subdivision is off of is a dead end. It is a very small, private subdivision and there are only two ways in and out. That dead end street is approximately a half mile long and comes straight off the freeway’s service road. He said that he heard the sound of a baby in the background and that she insisted she was in the car “looking for the house”. He explained where we were and she said she would be here in a minute. When she got here I chatted with her for a minute and found out that she lives here in Dickinson and isn’t that far away and she has a toddler. Well, I guess it’s easy to deduce that she was at home until he called her at 12:45 and asked where she was. I wish he wasn’t such a wuss. OK, I wish I wasn’t, too.

Conversation between John and me at the Mrs. Baird’s Thrift Store this afternoon about a 75 year old looking guy standing in the corner GLARING AT EVERYBODY:

Halfass: “Who is that really old guy standing over there just watching everyone? He’s never been here before.”

John: “He’s the new bouncer.”

H.A.: “I’m not sure you should call him “new” on any counts, and bouncer? In a Mrs. Baird’s Thrift Store?”

John: “Keep an eye on him… he’s watching everyone’s every move.”

And just then some kids came in and spread out and the guy practically lost it trying to frantically keep up with it all. I mean you could almost hear him thinking, NO! DON’T TOUCH THAT! It was kinda funny how weirded out he got cause the kids were just trying to see how far they could push the envelope and what they could get away with. I don’t think anyone stole anything and they left as soon as his eyes started to bulge, but when I turned to look him fully in the face he was sputtering and totally red. I am thinking he needs this job as much as my “provider care aide” needs hers….

People, I am telling you… this is exactly the kind of thing I would be taking pictures of if I would just go ahead and get the new camera already!

Witchy-Poo, over at Psychicgeek has linked me up and given me a mention for comments. I really appreciate it and can only say that she can always open my can of funny. She and AssBurgerBoy have got it going on.