I called John at work about an hour ago and he answered the phone by saying “Not now.”. I thought I didn’t hear him correctly and said something brilliant like, “Huh?”, and he said “Not now.” All the while thinking, YOU HEARD ME! I am sure. This has never happened before and I am dying to know what is going on and who’s getting their ass chewed. Is he making them cry? Did they steal something from the store? Is this a firing ass chew or just a getting them back in line ass chew? Really, did they cry is the most important part of the info. I don’t know why, cause usually I feel like they deserve it when he tells me what happened, but, I still hate to know they cried. And for some reason it makes it worse when it’s a guy that cried. Does that make me sexist? Oh, who cares.

He better call me back soon.