You know, some people have their lives completely centered around money. Some, (Mostly young horny guys) can think of nothing but sex. Some are so co-dependent, (you know who you are… no, I guess you don’t…), they can’t do anything without involving their co-dependents. Some people are career driven and totally obsessive about getting ahead. Me. I am completely ruled by this little old lady and a damn bell. I think I am hearing it in the middle of the night and wake up and have to become alert before I can determine if she has rung it or not. And to make matters worse it is a cowbell. Not the most pleasant sound at any given time. My whole day hangs in the balance when she is on the pot, because nothing can move forward until she is done. It is almost 4:00pm and I don’t feel like going out and weeding now. I am tired of planning and wanting to do it and it is hot as blue blazes out there and I feel… deflated.