Kessa called me today from work all a dither because she got a DETENTION SLIP today. You would have to know what a consummate perfectionist/conformist this child is to truly understand what a completely surreal experience this makes. In her entire academic career she has never EVEN been told to be quiet, sit down or even turned in an assignment late.

She is a senior and is in all AP classes and taking dual credit classes with the collage. The dual credit classes are over now as school will be here shortly so she doesn’t have to get to class until later in the morning than a lot of the other kids. But not all of them. So she had to be at school at 8:00 for an AP final. School starts for regular classes at 7:30. Today, for some unknown reason, there was a little man sitting out in front of the building writing detention slips for everyone who went in after 7:30. She, true to her nature arrived for an 8:00 class at 7:31. He stopped her and asked her for her name and wrote her a detention slip because it was ONE minute after 7:30. She is not good with confrontation with people in authority positions, (with me being the obvious exception to that rule), so she just took the stupid slip of paper and went inside and took her final, (and aced it!), and when she went to the office to do her office aide stuff she showed it to a lady there and she laughed and said she will take care of it.

If I don’t’ have WRITTEN PROOF, TOMORROW that this is taken care of and there is nothing on her spotless record, I will go down there and find that stupid little man and he will be searching for detention slips via his ass for a long, long time.