And isn’t that half the battle. Well, around here it is.

I have very exciting news on several issues. Starting with just generally pleased and working our way up to titillating, we have:

  • The yard got done this morning and, as my husband said, it no longer looks like a pack of Mexicans live here. (I am allowed to say this as my husband and mother-in-law are Lopez’s. Well, I am too, actually, but you get where I’m going, here.) And just in case you were worried, it HAS been mowed since the last time I commented on how jungle-like the yard was. Cause as fast as that St. Augustine grows in south Texas, the homeowners association would have hung us by now. Well, they can just back off cause we are mowed, blowed and weed-ate. Yes siree, that’s the way to be.
  • The other day some folks from the Dickinson Rotary Club showed up at my door, (I was actually dressed and not in my nightgown. Yea me!), and wanted to know if I wanted to become a member of a flag…thing. I can’t remember what it was called, but, basically, for fifty dollars annually, four times a year someone shows up and shoves an American flag in my yard, by the walk and leaves it there for the three days preceding the whatever holiday and then removes it. Sounds like a neat deal, and it was to benefit the rotary club so I said “Sure, why not.” Only probably with less enthusiasm than you are picturing. Anyway I pulled out a checkbook and cut them a check. Yesterday, John was sifting through the mail and said “Who wrote a fifty dollar check on the Texas First account?” My first thought was, NOBODY! THERE IS NO MONEY IN THAT ACCOUNT! Followed closely by, what do you mean “Who”? Only you and me here, babe… Then came the realization that I wasn’t paying attention to which checkbook I pulled out of the desk. My purse was soooo far away, (in another room), it was going to be too trying to go and get it, so I dove in the desk for the nearest handy checkbook. Working my way to: Voila! Hot check! The GOOD news is that the bank, for some reason, chose to pay it. I have no idea why. I have never flashed these people. Or, I suppose I should say threatened to flash them if they don’t pay our one and only hot check. Whatever. There is that ubiquitous $27.50 charge by the bank, but that is nothing compared to the humiliation of having the snobs at the Dickinson Rotary Club point and laugh. ANYTHING BUT THAT!
  • And saving the best for last! I am happy to report that I have received my first Blog Award! This is a red letter day for me. Lonely housewife/caregiver/mom person who has only recently found this outlet, (Thanks again to my brother, Cam!), and is having a hellofalota fun. My new terrific friend, Law Student Hot Mama over at Law School Sucks-and so do lawyers, has awarded me with the prestigious Smokin’ Hot Blog Award. And I COULD NOT BE MORE THRILLED! I will be passing this on to…somebody awesome shortly. Gotta think. Gotta concentrate. Gotta run, H is ringing the bell…

Thanks, Hot Mama!