Let me just say that I had a LONG riveting post ready to …post, when I hit “save” and roughly half of it disappeared. I wanted to cry. Mostly cause I poured my soul out in it. MY SOUL. POURED OUT. ALL OVER THE PLACE in that stupid disappearing thing. Now you will have to wait to see it until I can collect myself and do it all over again! I am so mad at WordPress right now! It’s not enough that it’s screwing up all my pictures when I try to put in more than one. AND it won’t even let me type captions between them. It is now eating my posts and laughing at me. I KNOW IT’S LAUGHING AT ME!

I am sorry that I don’t have more than this to put up here today, I need to regroup and stab, er, did I say stab? I meant take a stab, yeah, take a stab, yeah, sure that’s what I meant….. what was I saying? Oh yeah! I’ll knock something out tomorrow. (maniacal laughter fading out…)