8 zillion ties
Where ties now reside…

Where tie rack SHOULD be...

Where ties SHOULD be.

Oh, God in heaven. John’s tie rack and approximately 8 zillion ties now reside on the floor of his closet. I have searched high and low for an adequate tie rack for him and can find absolutely nothing that comes close to holding enough. This spinning kind just gave way and fell yesterday. It never held enough anyway. I do believe I am going to try to con my mom or dad into getting out to their workshop and making me one with the drill press, a board, and about a million pegs.

Mom, if you are still paying attention and love me at all-AT ALL…. I’m thinking about 3 feet long and make the holes for the pegs about 2 inches apart with two rows of pegs and yeah, be sure and stagger the two rows so that there is enough room for the ties on the upper row to hang down between the ties on the lower row.

I am very busy here taking care of your grandchildren and son-in-law and, yes, his mother. I have a headache. My tummy hurts. A hangnail. Some gray hair. And I’m not above using guilt and sympathy to get what I want. LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!