Well, OK, mostly just large, but…

Last night a freaking bird was singing up a storm in my backyard AFTER MIDNIGHT! I swear this bird was auditioning for American Idol. It was singing frantically unlike any bird singing that I have ever heard during the daytime. No. I AM NOT going nuts. OK, not yet anyway. Even my husband, who is comparably sane, noticed it. It would not shut up. Today I may buy night vision goggles. And a laser scope? No, just kidding. But it better not keep this up.

The whole bird singing thing was after we came back from across the street where our neighbor, Rich and his girlfriend, Pat had a little get together of neighbors for a fish fry/shrimp boil/ quail grilling/ liquor swilling/and a bunch of other food. It was a very nice time and we even danced some. The night was the perfect temperature for a backyard shin-dig and our host is taking dancing lessons in his spare time and getting pretty good at it. He and Pat started dragging us all up on the patio and taking turns with us and FORCING us to make fools of ourselves, er, dance.

I think the best thing I discovered last night was a concoction called a Tweekin’ Puerto Rican. Take note, people:

1 fifth coconut rum

6 or 7 of those Mexican nectar drinks, any flavors you like.

3 Red Bulls

Serve over ice.

I know what you’re thinking! Ewww! Red Bull? But you don’t even taste it at all. Actually, I don’t even know what it adds to the mix, I just know it was in the mix and it tasted so good. I told someone there that I was a little concerned about the affects of it since, normally when a person gets liquored up they get sleepy and just pass on out. But, lets consider the affects when drinking energy drinks with your alcohol. Humm. I was very observant. Nothing. So after my highly scientific investigation and many attempts to conduct experiments on innocent, beverage swilling, bystanders, I came to the conclusion that the alcohol and Red Bull cancel each other out. Might as well have been Kool-Aide. Except it tasted SO GOOD.

You know, upon reflection, it seems to me that there is a distinct possibility that someone at that party may have slipped that feathered fiend a libation of the Puerto Rican variety, extra Red Bull.