H is off and running today. She announced to me this morning that the reason Nixon was considered a communist….(OK?), was because he tried to get the country to institute daylight savings time year round.

I absolutely could form no reply to this. I mean really, what do you say to this kind of logic. Yes, I was stupefied.

She is also hearing the music again. She is completely deaf in her left ear and wears a hearing aid in her right. From time to time she tells me that she hears music with singing all night on her deaf ear. Sometimes all day too. This usually goes on for a week or so. She said that last night it was a man singing about how lonely he is. Sometimes the music/singing is Spanish and sometimes it’s Italian. Almost always the singer is a man and he tends to like whining crooning.

I am going to ask if she is still hearing it. Am I bored or what?