All day I have been reading and hearing about folks pigging out at bar-b-que’s so I got to thinking about it and realized that there is an unwritten LAW stating that any red blooded, God fearing, American, (and the atheists too), MUST, under penalty of death people feeling sorry for you, eat a hot dog or hamburger on this auspicious day. It is just expected. And then I began thinking of the lonely package of hot dogs in the fridge that John brought home the other day and I knew I had to pay them a visit.

People. These are the best turkey dogs you will ever taste. EVEN John likes them. I know you probably can’t tell cause this is still my old shitty camera, but, look on the upper right hand corner of the package and see the little yellow square? It says 0 grams of fat. ZERO. AND THEIR BUN LENGTH. I will only eat bun length hot dogs from now on. I have set the bar high. Bun length high.

Have a happy Memorial Day and remember what it’s all about.