Oh my. What a strange little group we are. I was reading Tranny Head’s post over at Law School Sucks and she was discussing her reader’s search terms. There are some rather unusual ones for her site. So I thought I’d check mine. Here’s a rundown.

“Krissa Lopez” came in first with 155 hits. This is a cheat for me, as there is a fairly popular Southwestern artist in New Mexico named Krissa Lopez. Yup. That right there is weird enough.

“Electronic shipping received” got 2 hits. Huh?

“4 permanent teeth pulled” got 1 Ewwww.

“Export smoke” got 1. I can only assume someone wanted to ship cigars out of Cuba.

“half ass award” got 1. Not gonna touch that…

“halfasstic” got 1. Gee, ya’ think? What I don’t understand is it says 138 under “pages/visit” Don’t know what that means as I have no where near 138 pages. Anyone?

“horse gestation 350 days” I had checked that at the time and I was like at the very bottom of the 5th page of google hits. Why click me?

“pre jowl implants” scored 1 hit. Really?

“purse fetish” got 1. I really don’t want to even know.

“semper donates” got 1. Some other parent wondering “Huh?, You got nominated for what?” I can relate.

So there you have it. Over all I am sorry for the person who got only a “half ass award”.