I had several weird dreams last night and the only one that I can remember this morning was about my friend Lisa and me. We were on yet another road trip and were staying at some little motel place, like a Motel 6 or some such thing and for some weird reason we had our own ice machine in the room with us. Lisa was dying my hair and since my hair won’t take dye very well, I had decided to sleep in it. So I was sleeping in the plastic bag thing that the dye kits have you put over your hair while it…takes. In the morning, (that’s right. I slept in the dye all night), I woke up and it had mysteriously all been rinsed off and my hair was dried and styled. And striped. I looked like I was trying to go tiger. Black and blond lines running across my head and I guess the weirdest thing of all was that I was all “Oh. Yeah, well, it’ll probably grow on me…” No big deal. Just not that strange, IN YOUR MY DREAMS.