Today, I was becoming a bet worried because Cam still hadn’t gotten his crutch pads that I had ordered back on the 19th of April. So I called up the company that I had placed the phone order with because they never sent me any kind of email confirmation, just took the money out of the account and that was all I knew was done for sure. The guy that answered the phone the first time was fairly nice. His name was Jeff. He was helping me and looking up the info and we got disconnected. So I called back. I thought it was the same guy, but, maybe not. Anyway he said he had the tracking number and he gave it to me. I hung up and went to the USPS on line tracking thingy, entered all 2 million digits to find out where the package was and it told me that it was delivered this morning at 10:33. OK, so I dashed off an email to Cam to see if he got it and he said he did and he is gonna call in a bit. However! Before I emailed Cam I called the place back because I had placed the order on the 19th and it showed that it shipped it on the 29th. The SOB’s waited 10 days to mail it. So I was pretty steamed. I was polite and pointed out to the guy that it was 10 days before it left and he said that he didn’t think that was what that meant. That the 29th was the date it arrived at the site in NY to go overseas. It said “Electronic shipping info received, April 29, 2008. I explained how it works and that when you ship something you immediately get a tracking number and that is when they get the “electronic shipping info”. RIGHT THEN. Anyway, I could practically hear the gears grinding in the guys little brain as he processed this, and changed his tune from mildly irritated that I was using his time on a question that he didn’t want to have anything to do with, to defensive, (and oh lets just dispense with the niceties), an asshole. I told him I can’t believe you people waited for 10 days to ship them, especially when I told the lady I placed the order with that they were for a soldier over seas. I said, “I am not happy at all about this.” No shouting or arm waving. ( I suspect that he would have known if I waved my arms because in the next few sentences he proved to be extremely sensitive and one can only conclude that he MUST BE somewhat psychic. Apparently my declaration of…unhappiness threw him right on over into battle mode. He said, “Well, you can just be unhappy.” Needless to say I was thrilled to have permission, cause hey, at that point it was all I was waiting for. I said something like, “Oh. Good.” Then I questioned him about the policies there about shipping or something and he was increasingly defensive. Then he said he could see that they had shipped it USPS and it had been sent back to them and it was resent on the 29th. I said OK, why was it sent back. He didn’t know, it just was. I said OK, this was good to know and I wish he had told me earlier and he said he couldn’t because I was “yelling and screaming”. Did I mention that he, (IN ADDITION TO BEING PSYCHIC), has an extremely active imagination. This is a very good thing. Most of the time. However, one should never, I repeat, NEVER take it out and play with it at work. Not in a customer service capacity, anyway.

I just reread this and see that it is one loooong paragraph. Well, having dealt with a class A jerk has made me irritable so TOO BAD! NOW I’M YELLING AND SCREAMING AND YOU CAN BET I’M NOT GONNA FIX, WHAT IS OBVIOUSLY A TERRIBLE GRAMMATICAL ERROR. GO AHEAD AND CALL MY SUPERVISOR! I DARE YA!