I have to confess that yesterday I got caught up in an unusual place to find a romance novel, well for me anyway. The Pioneer Woman has a gripping saga on line of how she and her Marlboro Man met and married. She is crafty with the words that little lady. Go on over to and see Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and get caught up on a very interesting, touching story. Or as Pioneer Woman likes to say, if you’re looking for an excuse to take a cold shower…

Anyway, I spent the majority of the time I should have been accomplishing domestic crap, reading. Gotta get high behind today. OH! Wait a minute, no I don’t! It’s Sunday and that’s all the excuse I need today! Hell, it could be hours or even DAYS till we all run out of clean underwear!

This reminds me of The Great Underwear Fiasco of 1996, as it is called by my friend, Lisa and myself. John ran completely out of clean underwear one morning when getting ready for work, which you wouldn’t think was that big of a deal. You’d be wrong.

I had recently thrown a few old raggedy pairs out and hadn’t bought any new ones yet and so the stack of skivvies was a little low anyway, but, I really just hadn’t gotten around to doing laundry…in a timely manner. John was having a really bad morning and had just plain gotten up on the wrong side of the bed and he just kinda lost it and was having a little fit at me about not having clean underwear. It was one of those things that was so blown out of proportion and over dramatized by John that as mad and irate as he was, I wanted to laugh so bad just because he was being so silly. But, that would have made things much worse. So of course as soon as he left even before he had the chance to call and apologize for being an ass and yelling at me, I called Lisa and we laughed hysterically over the whole exchange. The day went down in infamy.