The vet met us out there at 3:00 to check out Dandy and baby. He said that they both look good, basically. He gave tetanus shots and cleaned the baby’s naval and gave it some sort of immunity boosting stuff and we are to give her some more tomorrow. Swabbed Dandy’s hoo-hoo and checked to see if she has plenty of milk. She’s loaded. I agreed and asked if he was thirsty and he politely declined. He is nothing if not well mannered. He said that baby has just a little bit of fluid in her lungs, but, is should work itself out since she is moving around well and all. Thankfully, he said her legs will straighten out, too.

You should have seen Keelan trying to hold Dandy back while the vet and assistant were fooling with her baby. She was absolutely beside herself. She finally calmed down and stayed still, but she and baby were “talking” to each other the whole time. That nickering was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.