Last night was Awards Night at the Dickinson High School Auditorium. Kes took home a Mathematics Scholar Award and a scholarship to University of Houston for $18,000. Needless to say her parents are extremely proud.

I took some really crappy pictures and I hate my camera. I am going to begin a new search for an acceptable replacement TA-DAY! I have been intending to get one for some time and John keeps urging me to look at this one and that one and I do and come away even more confused about what is right for me. Oh, I know what is right for me, but not within our budget. I am able to spend about $300. The most megapixil I have found for that much moola is 10, however I want zoom baby, ZOOM. Lots of ZOOM. There were some huge, scary looking cameras there last night and just glancing at them you could tell that the person could stand at the back of the auditorium and zoom in on a freckle on their kids nose on the stage. Gigantic, phallic symbol looking lenses that needed extra forearm strength to raise and turn the dials and what not and Hold, HOLD, SHOOT! Yeah, this chick’s probably not smart enough to operate anything that complicated anyway.