Well, it all started harmlessly enough. John was scurrying as fast as he could all day at work trying to get home at a decent time to take me out to eat. This is no small feat when you work for a gigantic grocery store chain and it is 2 days before Mother’s Day. He went in at 6:00am and was tearing home at 7:00pm. Typical 13 hour day. Whatever. Anyway he was driving behind one of our good friends when he got close to home so he called him and asked if he and his wife wanted to go out to eat with us as it was my birthday. To which he said they probably would if wife hadn’t cooked anything. She hadn’t so we met up with them at their house and were going to leave as soon as their son showed up to pick up their grand-baby. He came along in about 20 minutes and had a friend with him. My girlfriend then asked if the three of them would like to come too . Oh well.

It turned out pretty well. We really did have a nice time and the baby is much better behaved now than he was the last time we were saddled with trying to eat with him. He is really a cute, sweet little boy, but it is just too easy for my friend to give him ALL of her attention. Apparently that wasn’t necessary last night and I guess he is past that point now. We were seated so that the 4 of us were at one end, (Along with the baby of course.), and her son and friend were at the other, so we got to talk and it was pretty close to old times. We had margaritas and some really good Mexican food and we all went home happy.


It is 1:30pm and if I don”t get out side and WEED THE FLOWER BEDS today, well, there may be no tomorrow! Just waiting for the old lady to poop and I am outta here! There is a light misting, (misting?) of clouds and it won’t be that hot. This is me thinking positively.



I want to know what is up with my eyelashes. They used to be long and curl up, especially when I put on mascara. Now, like in the past year and a half, they are significantly shorter and are straight as a board. Even with mascara. I have tried to curl them with one of those torture devise looking things and they are very stubborn, now. They just go back straight almost immediately.

Is 45 really that old?