I talked on the phone with the lady that owns the stud that knocked up my baby girl. THE HORSE, PEOPLE, THE HORSE! Anyway, as I was saying before I was distracted by your filthy minds…

She said that normal gestation for a horse is anywhere between 330 days and 360 days. Can you imagine having a solid month of “it could be any day now.”? I’d kill myself. And just the thought of being pregnant for 11 months is staggering. On May 18th she will be 350 days gone, so, at least I don’t have to start worrying that we need to go out there with a can opener of some sort and pry that thing out.

Getta load of the daddy! his name is Easy Mountain Jet and he is truly beautiful! And huge!

I will post a picture of the proud Mommy as soon as I find out what Keelan did with them all….