OK, now for the good news and the bad news.

Good news is that I went to the dentist and survived. Bad news is I need to go back. According to my hygienist, I had “tenacious plaque”. She seemed to think this was a bad thing. She worked on my mouth with a jackhammer for a while and then told me that I would need to come back after my gums had healed and stopped bleeding for her to finish up. I swear my teeth don’t look any different than they did except she did do a bang up job on some coffee stains on my lower teeth. (Yeah, that cupajoe in my masthead is no accident, I have a big time dependency on coffee.) So I saw the Dr. and he found that I have two, count ’em, 2, cavities. He offered to do one then and the other next time, but hey, they are both on the same side of my mouth, so I just said, no I’d wait.

I go back in a month and, oh joy I am excited…not.

And now for the most…. uninspiring photos ever. Somebody needs to try to top this.

My dentist and dental hygienist conspiring and ....no, they were just laughing at me.

My dentist and dental hygienist conspiring….no, they were LAUGHING AT ME!

Instruments of torture.

Instruments of torture.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we aaaall know. Shut up already.

Oh yeah, RIGHT!

Are you freaking kidding me!