You may, (or may not), remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my daughter, Keelan’s, horse who is going to foal any minute now. She is gigantic and will surely have something the size of a compact car. We are watching her very closely. I don’t suppose it matters much as horses are rumored to be very shy about giving birth and it is hard to catch them in the act. A very dear friend of mine is a vet and he told me that in med school he was watching a mare that had been in labor for hours and hours and he stepped away for 5 minutes for a cup of coffee, and when he got back she had delivered.
There are supposed to be “Signs”. I read aaaaall about “The Signs”. Then when we go out I am examining her for any of “The Signs”. Her milk is in and her boobs are huge. Horses don’t normally have any boobs and she is a good D cup at this point. “The Signs” say that she gets her milk in when she has about a week to go. Check. She is supposed to “wax up”, within 24 hours of delivery. This means get milk seeping out of her teats and it dries and looks waxy. So, I groped her and apologized as I did it. (She didn’t seem to mind.) No waxing.

I will be out again this evening for more fondling. I wonder if this will change our relationship?