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  • I am going to have a real dinner party with more than just one couple invited over to eat. And not the same couple we always have over that we know so well they are expected to get in the kitchen and help.
  • I am going to have a big girl voice and not sound like a Munchkin doing hits of helium.
  • I am going to begin, AND COMPLETE a decorating project BY MYSELF. (Keep dreaming, Mom.)
  • I will conquer my mild case of ADD and stop giving minor details intense, pinpointed focus, all the while completely missing the broader picture. (Dream on, Krissa)
  • I intend to rise from bed and get a shower and dressed immediately every day and not just when the planets align perfectly.
  • I will always have the perfect, “cool” reply to anything my teenagers say to me with no second guessing. (good luck, girls…)