Well, after Henrietta sat in her wheelchair in the living room for about 2 hours she was asking if we still wanted to take her somewhere. Bless her heart, I guess she started to feel guilty. Believe me, this didn’t hurt her a bit. She tends to be just a tad oblivious to the plight of the ones around her. And I mean REALLY, OBLIVIOUS. Not just acting like she doesn’t know what is problematic for others. She is very happy wrapped up in her own little world and just fine staying there. I think this is very much a part of her being so agoraphobic.

Anyway, we said yes, we would very much like to take her somewhere with us and assured her that we wouldn’t stay out long. By this time it was 4:30 and traffic was starting to get heavy, so we determined we wouldn’t go very far. There’s a new Target very, very close to us and we took her there. She had a ball. She was amazed at everything and kept saying “Oh everything has just changed so much….”.  I suppose she meant since the Truman administration. She was particularly engaged with the fact that Target has “Such beautiful furniture and clothes and groceries, too!” We picked up a few groceries and I made sure she went down the cookie isle to pick out the cookies she wants to have to go with her tea. She takes it every afternoon at about 4:00. So she did and was amazed with how much everything costs. THAT was funny. We then went over and I got a couple of bath towels for the guest bathroom and we left shortly after I took her through the clothing department.

We got her home and she said she had really enjoyed herself. We are going to have to try to get her out again sooner this next time.