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Oh, did I say toothsome? Maybe it should be toothless…? She is gone to see the oral surgeon for the removal of 4! wisdom teeth. After determining that there was no wisdom going on there, ( I mean really. No help from the “wisdom” teeth AT ALL.), and KNOWING that the gazillions of dollars we spent on braces were going down the shitter as her perfect teeth crept closer and closer to the front of her mouth, the obvious conclusion was that we had to go down to the corner and pay some Mexican migrant worker to cut them all out. So John is out doing that very thing right now.

Before Kessa and Keelan got their braces they each had to have 4 permanent teeth pulled and the doctor that did it is no longer on our insurance plan. He is … cue the scary music…”OUT OF NETWORK!”. So she is especially nervous because the doctor she is going to is new to her. Well, not that new. She saw him for the consultation. But still…

Anyway, she is going to come home groggy. Oh who am I kidding… asleep. And sleep the rest of the day, wake up ravenous and CRANKY. As a matter of fact, I think it would be best to warn everyone of my impending doom and let you know that if there are no further posts I have died by her cranky hand. This is a distinct possibility.