Well, new developments. The new “wonderful SD card” that John bought is a 2 GB card that he originally got for him to use in his Palm. It wouldn’t work and Palm tech support told him that 2 GB is too big and his handheld won’t support it. (I think they lie.) So he gave it to me for my camera and he took mine. This card is an Ativa brand. Don’t ever buy that. It told me, when I put it in the pooter, that it needed to format and so I said to it, “OK”. I was very nice. And it formatted for 20 minutes or something like that and then I put the card back in the camera to take more pics cause it had told me that it was going to erase all info on the card in order to format. My camera then told me that I needed to format to the camera. I said, “OK, just be quick about it.” Not quite as nice, yet, polite. So it did and I took more stinking pictures. Then I took the stinking card out of the stinking camera and put it in the stinking pooter and it says it needs to format again.

This sucks. I am going to get a new card and, ritually burn this one. I think God will like that, too.