Henrietta has been teary all day due to the death of her sister-in-law. Last Saturday, I guess it was, we found out that John’s aunt Lolly had died. We determined that there was no reason to tell H as Lolly had been in a nursing home for years and she was never going to see or talk to her again anyway. she gets very upset about things very easily and does not take bad news well at all. Well, all this seemed good and well, except I wasn’t on my toes this time. (Last time being a couple of years ago when uncle Lenchol died, aunt Lolly’s husband.) This time I forgot about the obits. I looked over and H had her nose buried in the Sunday paper with the magnifying glass and was just shaking and boo-hooing her eyes out. Man, did I feel awful. She took it OK when I explained why we hadn’t told her and she seemed to understand and all and then….. there it was, “preceded in death by her husband, Lenchol Contreras”. “Is my brother dead too?” Crap. You’d think there’d be just no recovery to that. You’d be right. That line about life sucking and then you die….sometimes the sucking just keeps on even after you die.