I have an OCD problem. But, here’s the deal. Only with laundry. I am extremely anal about washing, drying folding and putting away clothes. All my towels are perfectly folded in thirds and placed exactly symmetrically on top of each other. As are washcloths. (And all towels and sheets are washed on Hot), Panties, all folded exactly the same way. (Delicates washed in Cold.) Socks folded together and placed in the drawer in rows. I think this may be hereditary because while my mom was never “quirky” about it she did, and does hang clothes in her closet in order by color. (Separated, of course, by tops and bottoms. Can’t mix those things up or, well, I guess they mate or something….I dunno.) Anyway, I am fairly slob-like, though only on occasion, otherwise. My house is neatish, but not perfect at all. Things are out here or there. But I dare anyone to open a linen closet or clothes closet of mine or John’s or Henrietta’s and find anything out of place. I try as hard as I can not to have to venture into the girls closet domain. That is one scary place and we are all happier just not participating in that clean up. I know I am.