As of yet we don’t really know what the plan is. She “can’t think of anything”, she wants for it and any party I tried to plan would be “lame”, (this is something I don’t even have to ask her to know). She just called me from work and told me that she knows what she wants for her birthday. She wants to take a big bunch of her friends out to eat at the Mexican restaurant we frequent. She then proceeded to tell me that I could go if I let her dress me. I am not allowed to wear any “old lady clothes”. I started to point out to her that the only old lady clothes I have are the bright orange pants that I got the other day. But, who am I kidding, in her eyes everything I touch turns old fashioned, out of date and moldy. The scary thing is that I love those pants. For a while. They fit really, really good for about 45 minutes after putting them on and then the stretch stuff in them gives out and they are all baggy. Oh well. They might as well. Everything else is. I wonder what on earth she thinks she is going to dress me in? This should be amusing.

Hey, did I say already? Keelan is going to be 17. I am very proud of her.