All I have eaten today is a bowl of Cheerios and two pieces of very thinly sliced rye bread toast. With butter.

John has gone out in search of food for me to eat. I KNOW WHY I MARRIED THAT MAN! He is my… saver. No, I did not mean savior, I meant saver.

Actually he is running by the dry cleaners, also. And darn the luck, Kes just came in from work and I could have gone with him if we had known she was going to be here early tonight. I guess I should explain…. Someone has to be here with Henrietta. At ALL times. Anyway, I get to leave when someone else is here to watch her and John is off work, at the same time. Because he is my Ride To GO. I guess I should explain…again. I don’t drive. Long, long, long boring story cut down to an acceptable length is:

I am partially blind due to a car accident I was in as a teenager and do not own a drivers license. Just a good looking driver. Named John. But, only when he’s here on his one or two days off a week. Sometimes I can get a body here to watch H when I have an opportunity to go with a friend, or if my mither is down visiting, we make arrangements for then. But, mostly I am just here. All the time.

Anyway, I am hungry. Wonder what he’ll bring for me to eat…

Stay tuned for future developments.