Well, I know the suspense is killing you. So here it is. Taco Cabana. That is what he brought me. Not my FAVORITE thing, by a long shot. But, beggars….you know. Anyway, I was fat & happy AND Millie, John’s sister, showed up to visit with Henrietta so we were able to go out to the new Kohl’s department store that opened up just down the road and they are having a grand opening sale. I was wearing my new old lady pants, that are really just an old lady color. Bright, bright orange/salmon. I found a cute top to go with them that actually has that color in it. And I’m not just saying this, IT COULD HAVE BEEN BOUGHT IN THE JUNIORS DEPARTMENT. Certainly not because of the size, but the style is…well, stylish. EVEN my teenage daughter, Kessa, said I look, (and, note the quotation marks, I don’t use those lightly), “CUTE”.

I have done well…And I’m well done, but, that’s another subject.