One of my favorite things about late night television is at the end of Letterman, after all the credits have rolled and the Worldwide Pants logo comes up, Allen Kalter always has one little, usually 3 or 4 word line that is so quirky and irreverent that it’s hysterical. “Take me home, Helen!” Or, “Mow the yard!”, or “Yummm! Crabcakes!” Or, “Where’r my pants?” And then that’s it. Show goes off the air.

I wonder how that got started….

John would probably never admit it but he is almost always asleep when the show is ending and when the band starts playing the theme song to go off the air, he stirs like a small child waking up and raises his little head and listens to hear what Allen is going to say and then smiles and passes back out.

Who says we have no family traditions?