My poor brother is hobbling around on crutches for the first time in his life and is about to die from the soreness under his arms where the crutch rests. Ahem, maybe “rests” is not the word. It certainly doesn’t begin to describe the bruised, chaffed feeling that ensues.

Anyway, I told him that I would look for pads for the tops of the crutches that are softer than the ones that come standard on them. Man, I am having no luck. So far Walgreens, Target and Walmart are a bust. Today we will try CVS and a medical supply store that I am sure will have them and want $40.00 to $50.00. We will see.

If you have extra pads and care to make a charitable contribution to a, (cough, cough), wounded soldier, let me know and I’ll email you back with the address to send them to. If you want to make it an especially nice care package, he also likes Atari and Sesame Street. Oh wait a minute, I think I am living a bit in the past…. Yeah, now it’s cigarettes and porn. JUST KIDDING CAM! CALM DOWN! I LOVE YOU!