My darling daughter, Kessa has a not-so-secret fetish for Coach purses. While it does seem like she could have picked something more moderately priced for an 18 year old, I can appreciate how cute they are. Just not to the amounts she is willing to pay. Anyway, she is extremely good with her money and saves diligently for whatever she is wanting.

Here is her latest acquisition.

Today, when I went to get the mail, I pulled out a pink envelope addressed to her from Coach. I don’t normally open her, (or anybody else’s), mail, but, I had a sneaking suspicion of what it was. We called her immediately and told her. $50.00 off a purchase of $150.00 or more. I think I heard her little heart stop beating. I told her that she could probably just take it into the store with the receipt and they would refund her the money, it was just last week that she got the purse. If not she can return the purse and re-purchase it with the discount. She is on pins and needles until she finds out if she will get the $50.00 back, now.

I think it’s kinda funny.