Damn the luck! Oh, wait a minute. We’re not having any. John is off today and we were planing on getting H up and dragging her out with us to do some quick errands. We attempt this about every 4 to 6 months. (I should point out here that Henrietta is EXTREMELY agoraphobic.) So I went in to get her dressed as per normal procedure after she had breakfast, and it’s as if she’s physic and KNEW something was afoot. She said she didn’t feel up to being dressed and wanted to just rest for a while. So, OK, I left her in bed for an hour or so and then when I went back in there she announced that she was ready for me to dress her. So I did and gently told her that John and I were going to run some errands, together. She wanted to know who was going to be here and I said the girls were at work and she was going to come, too. “Oh , nooooo! I’ll just stay here. I’ll be fine. Ya’ll go!” I told her, no, we weren’t going to do that and she kept on insisting that we go. So we just left her here all by herself and alone and defenseless. Yeah, right! Anyway, she is now sitting in her designated spot in the living room and a little bit ago I could hear her telling John the same thing she was telling me, “John, ya’ll go on. I’ll be fine.” He was saying no, no, don’t worry about it and all of that kind of stuff. He was walking out of the room and opening the back door to go out to the garage and I heard her say in this little pitiful voice. “I’ll be OK here by myself, maybe I’ll get over this dark depression I’m having….”

Yes, Henrietta. If we were EVER considering ditching you here by yourself, well, hey, It’s sure to happen now!